wq is a modular framework for building custom offline-capable desktop and mobile web apps for volunteered geographic information, citizen science, and crowdsourcing.

Package wq.db wq Framework wq.app wq.io wq Project Template wq.db: vera wq Website
Description ☁ wq's db library, extending
Django REST framework with
database models to support
design patterns common to
field data collection ...
wq: a modular framework for
mobile / web geographic data
collection applications
(metapackage & do...
⎚ wq's app library, a
JavaScript+Python toolkit for
building robust
offline-capable HTML5 data
entry apps.
⇔ wq's io library, an
interoperability tool for
loading and writing data. (Not
to be confused with the wq
website ...
Django project template for
building REST-ful web & hybrid
apps with wq.app and wq.db
▦ wq.db: vera - a reference
implementation of the ERAV
data model
Source for wq project website
(http://wq.io). Not to be
confused with wq.io, wq's
interoperability submodu...
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Python 3?
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Package wq.db wq Framework wq.app wq.io wq Project Template wq.db: vera wq Website
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