GridDescriptionLast ModifiedPackagesFeatures
ActivitiesThose packages allow users to trace actions made within the application.Mon 03 Oct100
Admin InterfaceApps related to the django admin interface.Mon 03 Oct572
Admin StylingGrid for packages that make django admin look differentMon 01 Apr116
AjaxFri 28 Dec130
AnalyticsApps for site analytics.Mon 03 Oct224
AngularJS integrationPackages with AngularJS Integration Mon 24 Jun20
Anti-floodApps that help to limit a requests amount.Tue 13 Aug70
Anti-SpamThis grid contains apps which reduce spam.Mon 03 Oct45
API CreationAll packages for exposing APIs of your Django models.Mon 03 Oct269
Array FieldWed 19 Sep50
Asset ManagersAsset managers for combining/compressing JavaScript/CSS and for versioning your media files.Wed 04 Jul1917
Assets compressionThis grid is a comparison between apps that compress assets.Wed 21 Mar40
AttachmentsAttach files (documents, pictures, ...) to modelsMon 27 Aug32
AuthenticationThis is a grid of all packages for user authentication.Mon 03 Oct631
AuthorizationAuthorization backends and applicationsMon 03 Oct120
Auto-CompleteTied into AJAX, this grid gives the developer an eye into handy tools to aid in the user experience.Mon 03 Oct1110
AvatarsPackages for generating avatars from uploaded images, or managing avatars.Thu 10 Nov30
Awards and BadgesAssigning awards to objects ranging from users to other models.Mon 03 Oct50
BackupsBackup solutionsFri 18 Jan40
BetaPackages that deal with pre or post signup beta invitations. Pre registration involves collecting email addresses and then sending out invite codes . Post registration revolves around the idea that it's easier to get people signed in with social auth first then notify them that the site available for private beta Fri 06 Dec80
BitcoinMon 08 Apr20
BlogsA comparison of Django blog packages which would have helped for this: 21 Aug3125
BootstrapsThese are Django Project templates or bootstraps to kickstart a project.Tue 08 Nov1815
BuildoutDjango related recipes and tools for getting your project running under this dependency management system. Mon 21 Feb70
Business IntelligenceBusiness metrics visualization softwareTue 26 Apr40
CachingApps that help with caching your Django Project or Framework for better performance.Wed 23 Apr258
CalendarAnything that has to do with scheduling and calendars.Sun 08 Dec96
CAPTCHAApps that handle captcha.Mon 03 Oct80
ChartsApps providing charts functionalityFri 18 Nov91
ChatApps that provide chat functionalityMon 03 Oct93
Civic appsApps that are of interest to civic organizations.Tue 20 Dec100
Class Based ViewsClass based views implementations and foundations.Thu 31 Mar90
CMSThis page lists a few well-known reusable Content Management System applications for Django and tries to gather a comparison of essential features in those applications.Mon 03 Oct2728
CommentingThis is a grid of all commenting-related apps.Mon 03 Oct105
concurrent editutilities / libraries to prevent concurrent editing in django appsMon 30 Dec25
ConfigurationApplications for storing configuration dataMon 03 Oct111
Contact FormTue 22 May50
content blocksRelated to content blocks on your web site pages. A content block is an arbitrary area on the page where various content such as as text, images, videos can be displayed.Wed 18 Sep70
Cookiecutter Packagescookiecutter powered project, app, and utility bootstraps for Django. Cookiecutter info: * * 24 Aug61
CouchDB ConnectorsList of CouchDB based python libraries to handle connections, orm, and map/reduceTue 14 Dec20
CountriesList of packages that allows you to use a country or list of countries to your models and forms.Mon 03 Oct53
CronApplications that allow the creation of cron like tasksMon 09 Sep50
Custom ModelsAnything that extends models.Models to provide enhanced functionality for developers.Mon 03 Oct170
Custom User ModelsThese are packages that provide new and exciting custom user models that work in Django 1.5 or later.Tue 03 Dec30
Database MigrationCode to assist in managing changes to the data and schema when your Django model definition changes.Mon 03 Oct63
data miningTools to extract valued content from data sets.Mon 28 Nov30
Data ToolsApps, packages, and modules related to data management: import/export, fixtures, serialization and formats, handling large QuerySets, etc. Mon 03 Oct281
Deep Zoom ImagingDeep zoom apps convert single images into pyramidal tiers of progressively-zoomed image tiles. Deep zoom image viewers display the tiled images as zoomable images of progressively greater resolution.Sat 22 Mar10
Deployed via buildoutA grid for all frameworks and projects that use buildout for deployment. This is NOT for buildout tools!Thu 02 Dec20
DeploymentDjango specific packages that aid and facilitate deployment of Django projects.Mon 03 Oct358
DesignTools for designersMon 03 Oct101
Developer ToolsThis page lists Django developer tools for debugging, logging, and getting work done. Mon 03 Oct530
Django-CMSReusable applications and plugins for the Django CMS.Mon 03 Oct7710
Django DashThis is a grid of all the projects that were django dashed on in 2010.Mon 03 Oct90
django-fluentThe packages which together form Django Fluent CMS ( Each package can be used separately from the other packages in your projects too.Fri 24 May50
django-registrationAll packages that provide backends or templates for James Bennet's ubiquitous django-registration app.Sun 17 Apr72
django SHOP pluginsA grid to reference django SHOP pluginsSun 10 Jun170
Document managementElectronic document managers, Document management systems, Content management systems.Mon 03 Oct43
Dynamic modelsApps to add fields to models in the settings, or even at runtime.Tue 09 Apr42
E-CommerceDjango packages / apps for building an e-commerce site, a store, and or most other kinds of selling things on the internet.Sun 09 Feb1734
EmailThis is a grid of email-related apps.Mon 03 Oct406
Emergency ManagementPackages designed to help when you need to turn things off or manage critical issues quickly.Tue 17 Dec20
Error HandlingLogging, catching errors, and relatedMon 03 Oct110
Facebook AuthenticationThings that allow your application to authenticate with FacebookWed 10 Nov1510
Feature FlippingEvaluate apps and libraries that enable us to flip features for usersMon 11 Apr515
FeedbackGetting feedback from users.Mon 03 Oct70
FieldsThis is a grid of field apps.Mon 03 Oct451
File ManagersFile and Media managers that allow uploading and organizing files.Mon 03 Oct225
File streamingHelpers to serve files managed with Django using various optimizations (x-sendfile, x-accel, ...)Sun 17 Nov711
FinanceFinance related django appsFri 30 Mar30
Finite State MachineThu 01 Sep30
Fitbit options for DjangoThe Fitbit integration modules available for Django.Mon 21 Oct20
Fixed assets managementManage an organization's fixed assets (Computers, desks, chair, copier)Tue 26 Apr10
Fixture GenerationApps/packages that automatically generate fixtures, or models, for use in testing.Tue 01 Mar1515
FlashProjects that have to do with building flash or flex websites.Mon 03 Oct10
Form buildersCMS-based form builders, that staff users can design and create themselves.Sun 07 Apr86
FormsThis is a grid of all form-related apps.Tue 03 Sep433
ForumsA comparison of forums inspired by 03 Oct1320
Frontend editingLive editing on the website frontendFri 18 Jan40
GalleryImage galleries.Mon 03 Oct106
Generic payment interfacesModules which provide an interface to connect different payment gateways or apps easily.Wed 02 Apr30
Google App EngineThis is a grid for any and all GAE friendly apps and projects.Mon 10 Dec10
Haystack - update index with CeleryApps providing automatic index update of Haystack with Celery.Mon 08 Jul70
Help DeskSimilar in functionality to (formerly,,, and maybe even or 21 Feb20
HTTP CachingManagement and integration with HTTP cache servers, such as Varnish.Sat 19 Nov20
HTTP PushDjango apps which provide HTTP push.Tue 10 Apr10
InternationalizationProjects that have to do with internationalization.Mon 03 Oct220
Inventory managementManage list and quantities of consumables.Tue 26 Apr20
Jinja2 Template LoadersUsing Jinja2 with django 1.2+ template loaders.Thu 13 Oct60
jQuery IntegrationPackages with jquery IntegrationFri 19 Nov50
JSON fieldsApps implementing JSON model and form fields.Thu 18 Jul96
LayoutApps implementing page layouts (e.g. through blocks).Mon 03 Oct136
Learning ManagementLearning management systems or apps that attribute to learning in general.Mon 25 Oct40
Live SettingsReusable apps provides the ability to configure settings via an admin interface for other applications, rather than by editing "".Wed 29 Sep116
LoggingWed 20 Feb50
Maintenance ModeMon 03 Oct70
ManagersA grid of apps that provide custom manager classes to plug into your models.Mon 03 Oct40
MapsDjango apps that help developers to work with maps.Sun 12 Aug216
MarkingMarking a model as favorite/bookmark/liked.Wed 07 Nov50
MessagingMessaging systemsMon 03 Oct910
MezzanineDjango Apps built for use with MezzanineWed 08 Aug481
Micro frameworksDjango-based micro frameworkdsThu 24 Oct73
MobileHelpers for developing a mobile version of your site.Mon 03 Oct100
Model Auditing and HistoryApplications that track changes to instances of models and maintain a log of the changesWed 06 Apr153
Model inheritancePackages that help with using inherited models in Django, where the QuerySet can return the inherited models instead of the base classes.Mon 20 May42
Model orderingOrdering (inline) admin modelsWed 10 Apr50
Model translationWed 15 Sep1614
ModerationEnabling moderators to approve changes.Mon 03 Oct30
MongoDBPackages that help you tie MongoDB into Django.Mon 03 Oct173
Multidimensional analysis"In statistics, econometrics, and related fields, multidimensional analysis is a data analysis process that groups data into two or more categories: data dimensions and measurements. For example, [...] a data set consisting of the number of wins for several football teams over several years is a two-dimensional data set." -- Wikipedia --Mon 25 Oct20
MusicApplication providing easy embedding of music.Fri 23 Aug02
NavigationApps implementing site navigation (e.g. breadcrumbs, menu, site trees).Mon 03 Oct1510
NewsletterNewsletter subscription packages.Mon 03 Oct1310
NoSQLThis is a grid of non-relational database backends.Mon 03 Oct1065
NoSQL AdminSun 10 Mar10
NotificationPackages that can send notifications to your usersTue 06 Mar123
OAUTHOAUTH implementations for Django.Sat 22 Oct106
OAuth ServersApplications introducing OAuth server functionality to Django.Sun 06 Nov85
oembedembedded contentSun 09 Dec50
Open IDSupports various Open ID implementationsMon 22 Aug40
ORM ExtensionsApps that extend the functionality of the ORMWed 26 Dec100
PaginationApps and libraries to help you paginate resultsetsMon 03 Oct106
PastebinApps which allows developer to upload snippets of source code, for public viewing.Mon 03 Oct24
Payment ProcessingComparison of packages for accepting payments.Fri 20 Dec233
PDF generationPackages that help generate PDF files from Django.Sat 05 Apr30
PermissionsA grid of all packages implementing permissions for users and groups in your Django project. Please fell free to verify and update features for listed apps or add another app if you know one.Thu 03 Nov2214
PhotosThis is a grid of photo-management apps and projects.Sat 21 Sep221
Pinax ThemesThemes built for Pinax.Sat 21 Sep57
Pinax UserThese are the packages used by Pinax in its latest PyPI release to support various user related tasks.Tue 04 Oct50
PlanetPlanet is name of software which aggregates posts from different blogs via RSS/Atom feeds.Mon 03 Oct44
PollsFor Polling/Trivia AppsSun 26 Feb30
PostgreSQLApps to take advantage of the advanced features in PostgreSQLThu 16 May140
ProfilesThis is a grid of all user profile packages. If your package isn't doing something with AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE then it does not belong.Mon 03 Oct110
Profiles 2Sun 14 Aug55
Project ManagementTracking your tasks and teams of resources.Tue 04 Oct71
Project TemplatesIn Django 1.4, the ability to run startproject with a project template was introduced: This is a collection of project templates to use with the template functionality.Wed 08 Aug130
RapidSMS AppsGrid for RapidSMS applications.Mon 26 Nov42
RapidSMS BackendsPluggable RapidSMS backends.Mon 26 Nov32
ratingrating appsWed 25 Apr40
Real timeReal timeSat 01 Sep40
ReferralsReferral systems for marketing purposesThu 03 Apr20
RegistrationAdding of users to the system.Tue 08 Oct1513
RelationshipsSocial relationship featuresSat 21 Jul613
ReportingTue 04 Oct70
RESTApplications that help you build a REST APITue 04 Oct180
RoutingThis is a grid of all packages for multi-database routing tools.Tue 04 Oct45
Safe/Soft/Logical deletion/trashing and restoration/undeletionApps that allows to hide objects for a possible future restoration instead of complete deletion.Mon 03 Feb77
Scraping and Crawling Tools GridTue 18 Mar13
SearchThis is a grid of search apps.Tue 04 Oct122
SecurityDjango is a really secure framework. These packages make it more so or help you maintain Django's high level of protection.Tue 04 Oct400
SEOSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Django sitesTue 04 Oct60
SerializationPackages providing extra serializers (others than the built-in serializers) for Django objects.Tue 04 Oct71
SessionsApplications to work with sessionsSun 18 Nov90
ShellsThese packages enhance or modify the Django shell.Fri 21 Dec30
SingletonDjango singletons are Django models that only have a single row. They can be used for managing global settings for instance. This grid compares tools that help handle singletons.Sun 15 Sep30
Site FrameworksThis is a grid of all site frameworks built on top of Django as projects.Tue 04 Oct20
SitemapsApplications handling sitemap files organization/generating.Sun 22 Apr10
SMS sendingapps that provide facilities to send SMS text messages.Tue 04 Oct52
SocialSocial featuresTue 04 Oct234
Social-Auth BackendsAdditional backend packages for Django-Social-Auth.Thu 27 Oct92
Static buildersUtilities for build all static files (css, js) to one compressed and minified.Tue 04 Oct142
Storage BackendsCustom storage backends for Django.Tue 04 Oct120
Stripe IntegrationPackages that work well with StripeSun 04 Aug50
Survey, questionnaireSurvey, questionnaire toolsSat 08 Mar50
TablesPackages that simplify creation/styling/client UI of HTML tablesMon 25 Mar51
TaggingThis is a grid of all apps for tagging items and generating tag clouds.Tue 28 Jan103
TastypieApps and extensions for the django-tastypie API framework.Fri 23 Nov60
TelephonyAnything related to Asterisk, FreeSwitch, PBX, Asterisk SCF and other telephony systems.Sun 27 Feb10
Template AdaptersA comparison of ways to get new template systems into Django. This could include Jinja2, Mako, Genshi, TAL, etc.Tue 04 Oct136
TemplatetagsThis is a grid of all templatetag-related apps.Tue 04 Oct274
TestWed 06 Nov00
TestWed 09 Jan11
Test Clientstests clients fo django Tue 09 Apr10
Testing toolsThis is a grid of all testing-related toolsTue 04 Oct390
Test oneItem is awesome. Tue 11 Jun02
Third-Party APIsApps for connecting to third-party site APIs.Tue 04 Oct40
Third Party Django Debug PanelsFri 08 Jul40
This site!Here are some of the apps, frameworks, and packages we used in making this site. This grid will grow in size as we get more of the applications into Sat 29 Oct130
ThumbnailsApps for thumbnail creationThu 19 Dec1511
TicketingTo-do systems and ticket managers.Tue 04 Oct417
Trees and GraphsEven in relational databases, Django can easily do hierarchical data models. is a good example of what can be done.Wed 29 Dec74
Tree traversalA grid used to compare activity and usage of django-mptt and treebeard packagesWed 24 Apr30
Treitos DevsPython packages developed by Treitos LabsThu 10 Nov50
Twitter BootstrapWays to integrate Twitter Bootstrap into your site.Thu 27 Jun90
Typography appsApps for better typography at websites.Wed 17 Apr30
URL RoutingPackages that deal with URL configuration and routing.Sat 07 Sep50
User switchingImpersonating other usersTue 20 Aug40
VersioningApplications that enable versioning of model content.Tue 04 Oct46
VideoPackages providing video facilities - upload and playing videos, embeding videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Sat 01 Jun66
VotingVoting actionsSun 26 Feb40
WebdesignTemplate remote editing tools for webdesignersWed 05 Mar11
WebserverPackages which serve up django applications as additions or alternatives to the standard mod_wsgi + apache, leaving out pure connectors like fastcgi/flup.Tue 04 Oct47
WebSocketsPackages related to WebSockets.Tue 04 Oct60
WidgetsThis is a grid of widget apps.Tue 04 Oct240
WikisA comparison of various Django-based wiki applications and projects.Tue 04 Oct109
Workers, Queues, and TasksApps and services for running your Django apps in various parallel environments to the web server, freeing your project architecture from the HTTP-based service lifecycle: * Construct daemons to batch-process large datasets * Call functions on a recurring schedule * Respond to system events * Sync with external data sources without beach-balling Use existing components (models, templates, &c) and your favorite Django design patterns in these new contexts as you need -- while including Pythonic batteries from disciplines beyond web development. Wed 22 Feb101
workflowworkflowTue 21 Feb30
wqwq is a modular framework for building custom offline-capable desktop and mobile web apps for volunteered geographic information, citizen science, and crowdsourcing.Tue 22 Oct70
WYSIWYG EditorsThu 07 Nov205
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